Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transferring journals

Don't forget your journals.
Have you forgotten which ones you have written, and which you need to transfer yet?
There are two tricks. In the address-bar of your browser enter either of the following:


You need to be logged into the relevant screenname to see all blogs, including private ones.
Check all your screennames; you are allowed up to 7 on AOL.

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VegasGal said...

My journal at AOL is and my Blogger journal is I transferred my AOL journal and it was a mess!! Everything seemed fine until the end when it asked me to re-name my "transferred" journal from AOL. So now, I have a journal on Blogger that has this address , which I named. Now on my dashboard it says that my "AOL Journa" has 499 posts. If you pull up "unfussy2 on Blogger it has none! What did I do wrong????? I have searched and searched and can't figure this out. Any help you can send woudl be appreciated.

Thank you so much,