Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking for journals?

I have uploaded a file for use in Google Reader, containing 249 URLs for journals. Yep, 249.

Anyway, you can download it from here. You click on the link, and your window will fill up with code. Ignore that. Click on File, Save As and specify a download location. Ensure the file is saved as an XML-file, that's important.

Go to Google Reader and at the bottom left panel, you'll see a link "Manage Subscriptions".
Clicking on that leads to a page marked Settings.
Click on Import/Export.
Click on the Browse button by the heading Select OPML file
Locate your XML-file and click on Upload

Hey Presto!

You now have 249 journals in Google Reader.


Donna said...

Well that worked slicker than a pup suckin!


D said...

oh good gawwd to add to the 200+ I have... I don't think so but thanks

krissy knox said...

thanks guido.

Kathy said...

your the best!

D said...

Guido... I just wanted to come back and say that I so appreciate all you do to cover the incompetence of the AOL Journal team. I'm livid at the way they treat people, but to treat you in such a fashion after all the times you've covered their asses for failing to their own job is beyond disgraceful.

D said...

yeah... I went looking for Magic Smoke to see if they replied to any of my questions. Low and behold it was gone... as is mine. No new blog over here so yeap I got lip service and nothing more. ::sigh:: oh well goes to show you, don't expect internet companies to give a rats ass about you...

Jeannette said...

Well thanks a bloody bunch!!!!! We were not even given until midnight. In fact we were not ever given a time. The whole thing was conducted in a rush and glitches were not ironed out. A promise was made that aol would personally transfer journals they considered problematical. The date given was Wednesday 29th. No such transfer took place. No such transfer has taken place. No emails have been answered. There has been no contact with the journal authors whatsoever. I was going to make one last attempt at transferring only to find my journal had already been deleted.

I know that this has happened to Donna and several others, this is not just me. I think we have been treated in a despicable manner, many of us have written for years and our work has been treated as so much garbage to be tossed aside.

No account has been taken that people have put their hearts and souls into their journals. Many have health issues and their journal was their lifeline. They wanted to keep them and refer back to them.

As if that was not bad enough, I have never known such rudeness in the fact that emails went unaswered. It is obvious that those who work for aol. have no manners or decency whatsoever.

I hope that you are satisfied with all the upset and grief that you have caused to people.