Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saving template

When you plan to alter your template, it is always a good idea to save a copy of it to your hard disk drive. The procedure is straightforward.

Sign into your blog and select Layout, then Edit HTML.
The option to Download a copy of your template to disk is displayed on that page.
The file is an XML-file, in order that you know which filetype will be assigned.

Should your alterations wreak havoc on your blog, you can restore the previous status-quo by returning to the same page to upload your original template file. Or a template that you found on the Net; googling for Blogger templates will yield quite a few sites. The usual precautions apply, in terms of security, viruses, malware etc.


Tawnya said...

My current template is one I got off the net and they have so many to choose from. I have never had an issue with this site, I found it when Looking for a new myspace layout... Come by and see!

krissy knox said...

Thanks so much for the information, Guido! Now I can back up my template!

By the way, one thing that should be done before choosing a blog template is to decide whether you want Classic or not. There is a difference between the Classic Blogger templates and the New Blogger templates. If I am not mistaken, Blogger reccommends we use the new templates.

So here is a site that displays a lot of great Blogger templates, which you can download.
The categories are on the right if you are searching for something special. Just be cognizant of the fact that some are Classic templates and some are not, and choose accordingly. There are so many templates to choose from!

Krissy :)

Rose said...

I have a gif animated graphic for my header and of course, it is not moving because I was not allowed to put an animated graphic in that area.

Is there a way to allow an animated graphic for a header?

Hugs, Rose

Jeannette said...

Time is fast running out and there has been no further news from what we heard last week, they were going to use tools to pull our blogs and would transfer for us. Still nothing and NO updates.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the info Guiso, I didn`t know that you could do that.

Love Sandra x