Thursday, February 26, 2009


Christina of the 'Uniboob Club Blog', has many inspiration posts.
This is her latest that deserves a read. She writes about "TIME", some of her memories, hopes, & dreams.
Go by & have a read.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I stand corrected

I Stand Corrected is a community blog, set up by Lori (of Dusty Pages fame), for those with a fascination for the finer points of language in all its forms and manifestations. If you feel you foot that bill, please leave a comment on the blog to request to be added to the list of authors. Leaving that to one side, the journal is a good read and a good laugh at times.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Highlighted blogs

Liz writes blogs Visual Counterpoint and Colour Contrast Continuity. She uses photographs and the written word to express her emotions. Liz was left with the lasting legacy of a severe road traffic accident, and could do with more readers - as she is a unique blogger.

Hotmail problem

Anyone using the Firefox browser to access their Hotmail account will be unable to do more than read one message; you can't do anything else after that. Hotmail will give you a message: Please refresh your browser window. When you access your Windows Live Hotmail account from more than one computer, we ask you to sign in again to help keep your account private and secure and that's about all. An error thread has been commenced here, and any users are requested to leave their Hotmail address on there. I've used Hotmail for exactly 9 years, without major problems until now. Accessing the service through Internet Explorer goes without a hitch.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Embedded comments

Bad news for those of you who cannot leave comments on blogs where the comments section is embedded. I have trawled through the Blogger Help Section, and several people have the same problem. No input is forthcoming from Blogger (feels like the bad ole days on AOL).

Should you be unable to leave comments in this situation, please contact the blog owner direct (by email) or leave a comment on this blog (quoting the URL of the journal in question) - or drop me a line using the Kontactr button in the sidebar if this is impossible too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Connie, would like word re June of the blog;Jun-Midnight
She hasn't posted in over two weeks and does not respond to Connie's e-mails. She is very worried about her, hoping someone has news about June.
If so, contact Connie,


Since our move to Blogger in October 2008, we have had a blog for the community called JLand Central. It has lain dormant since before Christmas, but I would like to highlight it once more as a place where messages can be posted for the benefit of the whole community. This includes technical issues, requests for information on who now blogs where, or perhaps one of the journals you read has not been posting for a while.

Please drop a line to Sugar, Jeannette (Outside Looking In), Yasmin, Stuart or myself.