Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First entry

Hello, this is Guido (ADB on Blogger, pharmolo on AOL) with the very first post on Magic Smoke @ Blogger. I have been given permission to write on this journal, and will continue where I was cut off on Magic Smoke @ AOL 2 weeks ago.

The transfer of AOL blogs to Blogger is hitting snags, and it seems to affect blogs with large numbers of posts in particular. If the troubleshooting does not help you, leave a comment here or on Magic Smoke @ AOL. The Journals Team is on the case, and will ensure that anyone who has problems will see their blog migrated.

I have made it my business to ensure that as many dormant blogs as possible are transferred or saved. I have repeatedly posted about this, but will once again raise the flag: do you know a journal, written by someone who is away, has died or for any other reason will be unable to migrate their journal themselves: please leave a comment.

A first technical tip for Blogger:

Do not host your graphics on Blogger. Storage space here is limited, and you'll very rapidly run out. Use an external host, e.g. photobucket.

When you put in the image, switch to Edit HTML (top right of entry window) and enter the HTML tag: < i m g s r c = " [spacing deliberate], followed by the URL of the image and the closing tag ">. If you do this through the Blogger equivalent of Add Image, the URLs can sometimes not work (no fault of the URL!) and you get a heck of a lot of unnecessary garbage-HTML added to it all, which throws your journal's lay-out sideways.


Kathy said...

Is there an easy way to follow this blog? Can you add a google reader feed?

Barbara said...

If I get confused when I try, I'll be emailing you. ;o) What about blondpennierae? I have not gotten an alert from her in ages.

Barbara said...

Please enable this blog to be followed!

D said...

aaahhhh Finally an answer on graphics... thanks! Now if they could just figure out my transfer I'd be one happy camper. Hey Guido can you add the follow gadget so we can get the feed? Thanks

Jeannette said...

Well you know what my problem is Guido. My blog transferred and imported with all the comments missing. I have tried on numerous occasions to transfer it again with comments intact but the transfer either freezes completely or I get the message Error: Transfer Failed.

The Cheshire Cat said...

As usual simple instructions have left me bewildered! So far I don't seem to have had problems using Blogger's Add Image fascility.
Fingers crossed I won't need you to explain further...

Rose said...

Am I reading you correctly....are you saying that it is best to use Photobucket to install graphics on your blogger????

I have tons of graphics on two Journals...some are via Photobucket and the non animated ones are via add image. What do you suggest I do in layman's terms?

Thanking you in advance for your time and attention to the above.

Hugs, Rose

blazensun said...

Guido Glad to see you here, anf thanks for this blog we needed one here. My private journals on AOL disappeared. I really wanted to save my cooking one but it is gone. is there any way to get it, there are year of recipes there that i would love to have. Now on to our Angels Kim's Lahoma, Pam,Chuck, Penny Irene, Walt.
Will there journals be transfered here. I should of emailed you. But when I read this entry my fingers started typing.

Hugs to you Sunny

Tressa Bailey said...

I'd sure like to see Aunt Dubby's Ugly Green Couch get transferred. that was the funniest blog I've ever seen. I still link there in the high hopes I will be getting an update so I can move it.




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krissy knox said...

Guido, I am thinking about Chuck Ferris today. Our beloved brother who passed from cancer. Are you going to migrate his blog? Thansk: