Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old and new

Two requests:

1. Please spread the word about the existence of this journal. Its URL is

2. Leave a note with your first name, AOL screenname, AOL Journal URL and corresponding new Blogger URL (or whichever provider you use).

A journals directory will be built in due course.



Rose~* said...

Rose here from AOL. Will add you to my list of blogs that I follow, if you aren't there already. Here's my info:
Name - Rose
AOL Journal Name - Life After Fifty
AOL screen name - LilysParadise
Blogger URL -

Hope this helps, Guido (and greetings from across the pond over here in Vancouver,BC - Canada

Rose~* said...

Oops! Forgot the corresponding AOL journal URL, lol-

(But some may have already deleted theirs on AOL)
Mine is staying until the very end.

Rose said...

AOL Journal name:
Blogger Name:

Jeannette said...

User name: Jeannette

AOL: Journal:



Yasmin said...


Vish posted the link a couple of weeks ago so I already had it on alerts good to see it up and running.

Rose said...

Forgot...I have two Journals...I gave you the info for one....the other is:

AOL Journal name:


Birgit said...

Name Birgit
aol screenname kaluscheb
aol journal

new blogger journal

D said...

k........... Donna or d
.. this that and hockey
New blog

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Name and screen name

Pam -

Old journal - Good Morning Sunshine

New blogger url

What's New at My House

Lisa said...


New Home:

aol journal:

Freda said...

Hi Guido,

name - Freda
my two aol journals are:-

my blogspot url is

all the best

Missie said...

Old aol journal: Missie's Upside Down World.

New blogger:


Sandra said...

Sandra here Guido,

AOL journal:


email: labdancer51

Love Sandra x

Gerry said...

Hi, Guido. My aol screen name was gehi6 and my aol journal name was:
My blogger name is Gerry and my blog link is:

My aol e-mail is
and my google account gmail is:
Thanks a lot for all your concern for those out of touch especially. Gerry

Linda :) said...

AOL Journals:

Marty said...

Hi Guido,
Here you go:
First Name: Marty
AOL Screenname: Martygord
AOL Journal Address:
Blogger Address:


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Guido, thanks for keeping this going. Here is my information:

Indigo said...

Here you go hon:

Name: Indigo
Aol screenname: RdAutumnSage
Aol Url:
Blogger Url:


Leigh said...

Name: Leigh
AOL screenname: mleighin21st
AOL Journal: I Was Thinking...
AOL Journal: Walking In My Shoes, Honestly
On Blogger: My Thoughts, Honestly
And: Walking In My Shoes, Honestly

Solitary Dancer said...


My Take On Life

moved to

My Take On Life

Teresa said...

Hi :) This is Teresa! My JLand journal was as follows...

my new Blog is as follows...

Myra said...

AOL Journal Name - My Thoughts
AOL screen name - mpnaz58
Blogger URL -

yonguejap said...

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
Provide the following error code and additional information.
Additional information
blogID: 8114551406908179294
uri: /

This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

Find help
See if anyone else is having the same problem: Search the Blogger Help Group for bX-es8950
If you don't get any results for that search, you can start a new topic. Please make sure to mention bX-es8950 in your message.

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yonguejap said...

that is the message I received when trying to "follow",, sorry it posted so long.I will try again.

Kathy said...

Do I leave what I was supposed to?

I was onestrangecat on AOL, now I am manickathy and my blog is at

Over at AOL my journals were: One Summers Day and Chasing The Wind

Celeste said...


Debbie said...

Name: Debbie
Screen Name: sugerb6

ELLIE said...

Great Idea!!

Ellie - Jibaro6543

aol journal: - Ellie's Crazy Life

New blogger blog: - The Crazy Life


Stuart said...

Aol name sdrogerson
AOL journal now deleted Specimen Days

Blogger address
Name still Specimen Days

madcobug said...

Thanks Guido

Name: Helen (madcobug)
AOL Journal

Blogger blog:

Barbara said...

This is Barbara. I'm bhbner2him almost everywhere I go online. My AOL Journal:

My Blogger Journal:

bookncoffee said...

Hi...Sonya here....bookncoffee was my screen name.
AOL Journal name: My Southern Home
old AoL link:
New blogspot link:


krissy knox said...

Krissy Knox

my AOL blog was: Sometimes I Think
AOL screename: fisherkristina
my email address:
New Blogger blog name: Sometimes I Think
Blogger URL:

Mary said...

AOL Journal Name - Grand-Tour-of-America

AOL screen name: maryajacobs5

Name: Mary