Friday, October 24, 2008

Dormant blogs

The blogs of the deceased, and of others who are unaware of this change, will be uploaded to a dedicated account. Anyone who wishes any of these journals to be transferred to their account, please leave a note here. I'll confirm when the transfer is complete.

Love and Light from HEALING Creek
I shaved my legs for this?
A Pennies Worth
Journal Enquirer
On Whining Well
Just One Girls Head Noise (UK)
Dribble by Chuck Ferris
The Diatom Project
Penny's Pieces of Ohio
My Reason for reasoning
There are no Sundays.
Lahoma's Laments


krissy knox said...

Are you saying, Guido, that you already have an account for these blogs to go into?

If not, will some of them be lost?

I would hate for any of these to be lost. And there is one that is particularly important to me.

If you need a home for it, let me know, I will let you know which one. If you've already got it all worked out - an account and place for all these blogs, that's even better. Just let me know.

I'm just a little confused as to what you are saying here...

Nelishia said...

Did you mean you had an account for all these blogs to go into or are they up for adoption? If so, I'll happily take Lahoma's.

Bless you for all you did to save them.


ADB said...

I do have a dedicated account (not my own) set up precisely for this purpose. The blogs mentioned in this post will go in there.

blazensun said...

I would be willing to set up an account to take these journals. They should not go dormant just because the owners are JLAND ANGELS.


jlandeditor said...

Have set up an account, as stated in the post, to receive the dormant blogs. Will get in touch with interested parties to transfer ownership.

Call me Paul said...


Pamela's original blog should be included as well ( ).