Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dormant blogs

By pure coincidence I managed to find these blogs belonging to the deceased (or those disappeared from the community), which were exported to Blogger. I'm not pleased that we were not notified of the new URLs. I am still looking for the URLs for Pam's first journal, and will add it the moment I find it.

Lahoma's Laments
The Diatom Project
My Reason for Reasoning
Dribble by Chuck Ferris
On Whining Well
There are no Sundays
I shaved my legs for this???
One Girl's Head Noise (UK)
Pennie's Pieces of Ohio


Jeannette said...

Penny from a Pennys Worth is back writing her journal, think maybe she has a new URL

Connie said...

Thank you thank you thank you-I so wanted these journals--you are amazing-HUGS

Kathy said...

Oh thank you! -- So very much for letting us know. I was thrilled to see my friend Walt's journal has made it over. And I will be very glad to visit our other friends from time to time.

Lori said...

Thanks for letting us know about these. I hope you find Pam's US journal link.

Stephanie ~*~ThePastorsWife~*~ said...

I was so crushed when they shut down J~land because I felt like I was losing some of these people forever. Thank you so much for putting them here!