Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dawn / Carpe Diem

Has anyone heard anything of Dawn, who writes the Carpe Diem blog? She has not posted since last Christmas.


Just Bill said...

Thanks Guido, I forgot about this blog. Bill

Anonymous said...

Dawn & I live in the same state, and I spoken with her not that long ago. She has her usual health concerns, but has been off the computer some due to not having a working laptop at present. She is ok. ~Mary

Beth said...

I believe I've seen her pop up on Facebook here and there, too.

Just Bill said...

Thsmk you Beth snd Mary If you happen to find or hear from her tell heer I was asking for her.
We can all understand computer problems can't we?
Mary I live outside of Philly and think I know where dawn lives.
I would rather be in Ocean City.

Call me Paul said...

Dawn has recently been more active on Facebook. She's OK. She probably has just fallen away from blogging. It happens to most bloggers at one time or another. She may come back to it one day. She may not. There are more "fallow" blogs on the web than active ones.