Friday, December 5, 2008

Save Your Pictures

Did you get your blog transferred from AOL to Blogger? Congratulations.
Did you realise that some pictures may still be hosted on AOL? Commiserations.
You may be aware that on 31 December 2008, AOL will delete all pictures hosted on its service.

So, go to your transferred blog, view all entries in HTML mode and search for the dreaded phrase "aol". If that relates to a picture, you'll need to move the picture to outside AOL (e.g. photobucket, flickr etc) and replace the URL in the transferred blog with the new one.

Good luck.


Cathy said...

I wouldn't know how to replace a URL if i got paid lol...I have far too many pics on the transfered blog to bother going through at this time of year so they will just disappear out of the blog...No-one reads it now and it's not hugely important to anyone except me

Dirk said...

The only photos I have there I already have duplicated in photobucket.

Just another indication that AOL is being dismantled piece by piece. Many are cancelling their paying subscriptions over all this, the ending the blogging service, Hometown, now this. I don't understand AOL's reasoning how they think they can make more money by eliminating the very services that people paid subscriptions for.

I would suggest anyone still using AOL services of any kind (what's left of them) find somewhere else to go. It's much easier now than when you are given a deadline & then have to find something. I've just switched off of AOL/AIM e-mail for this reason & transferred my contact lists, so WHEN AOL either goes away or drops their e-mail service, I can just "ho-hum", go right ahead.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I transferred all my aol pics over to the site they recommended - Photo Works, so they are saved for now

The Cheshire Cat said...

AOL is there but I do not have the knowledge to transfer the pictures anywhere else.
Looking on the bright side it means I can re-use many of my favourite photographs with new songs. :)

Lippy said...

Ya gotta love it. AOL leaves us and they're still sticking it to us

Teresa said...

Question ~ maybe silly, may be not... but what about the pic's that are in my download folder? are they included in the deletion?
Thanks, would appreciate a response :)