Saturday, November 14, 2009

In memoriam

Last year, after AOL pulled the plug on J-land, I found these blogs belonging to the deceased which had been transferred to Blogger. In 2007, we lost too many of our community. In remembering those that went before us, we will gain strength from their memory and the fortitude they showed in adversity.

Lahoma's Laments - Lahoma, RIP 25 December 2007
The Diatom Project - Walt, RIP 27 April 2007
My Reason for Reasoning - Barbara, RIP 20 November 2007
Dribble by Chuck Ferris - Chuck, RIP 1 July 2008
There are no Sundays - Jim, RIP April 2007
I shaved my legs for this??? - Kim, RIP 26 December 2007
One Girl's Head Noise (UK) - Pam, RIP 16 April 2006
Pennie's Pieces of Ohio - Penny, RIP 1 October 2007


Sybil said...

Thank you Guido, You are a were a true friend to all those who passed through And you continue to be so to all who struggle to continue....and often wonder why !...The friendship bonds we had have never really quite developed on blogspot..
It was lovely this morning to sit awhile and just remember "old" friends once more

Linda's World said...

Yes, Guido thanks. It's harder to keep up with folks in Bloggerville. And I wonder how many have passed since the switch? We may never know. Linda in Washington state

Rose~* said...

Thank you so much. I followed a couple, and often wish that I could read them again, for times when I am feeling down.

Connie said...

I still miss Lahoma and Chuck...I visit their blogs once in a while to somehow let them know that I have not forgotten them and the friendship they gave so many.
Guido-you are our beacon of light..ever watchful for us all.
You are appreciated!!

Sugar said...

agree with syb, linda, & connie.
ty friend.

Anonymous said...
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