Sunday, August 16, 2009

Social networking

Since this blog was established in November 2008, much has changed. A lot of people have taken up accounts with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. A lot of bloggers have ceased writing blogs.

In order to keep in touch, I have this idea. Anyone who writes a blog, put your Facebook and Twitter links up in your blog sidebar. I am aware that you have to be "friends" to communicate through Facebook, but if you put your bloglink in your friend request, that may make it easier. If you are in touch with someone who no longer blogs, point them to this entry as well.

Let's pull Jland back together.


Jeannette said...

Well, I have put Twitter on my blog, I do not use Facebook any more, got too much. Whether we can pull J-Land back together remains debatable and sadly, I feel, unlikely.

Joan said...

Feel the same a Jeannette we have tried different things and nothing seems to work have both links in my journal already I too find facebook a nightmare. Love Joan

Rose~* said...

I think it is just the summertime stuff that keeps many people away from their postings and comments. Hopefully, when the weather cools, many will be back to sharing and contributing.

Connie said...

Love that you called us J-Land.What was it about AOL that felt more like a family of freinds...have we gotten too big for our brivhes,LOl.I keep plugging away and I get few comments..but I get visitors that are browsers. i think alot of people use thier readers to skim through the blogs.I know I have followed quite a few and don't get the time to go directly to thier blogs to comment.Maybe we need a get-to-gether like the crazy ones we did on AOL.I've never evn checked out twitter or facebook..figured I'd be lost there.A lot of people that have gone there have quit it.

Barbara said...

I for one am paring down my online activities and streamlining them. I can't access Blogger at work, thanks to thier lovely copfilter, so there I connect with Facebook. At home I plan to only spend my online time reading, writing and commenting on Blogger. I am going through my favorited blogs as I type this, deleting the ones that haven't posted in 6 months or more.

Going from stay at home mom, to part time employee to full time employee has changed the amount of time I am willing to devote to online activities drastically. That's why it is so important to me to streamline my activities onine, so I can stay connected to all the wonderful friends I've made here.